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the ultimate ancestral work

Actualizado: 16 may 2020

"Gnow" this...

Visiting races (Galactic ones) knew about the role of the sun in our galaxy long before us, thus we learned to "venerate the sun" from them. This solar energy worshiping is relatively"modern"in our history, and it was taught.

We, humans-Earthlings, used to venerate the moon and the mother (Earth). This is why it is said that "the Watchers bred with the women of the Earth." This has nothing to do with actual gender; it is a metaphor about the Yang/Solar energy of the Watchers -or visitors- fecundating the Yin/Moon energy of us, human-Earthlings, to create a hybrid being. That is how what we now call "civilization"was born... That was necessary, because it awoke us to our divinity and sped up our evolution.

The "issue" is that we made the Watcher into deities and believed that the power was in them -and external to us-. We did not recognize our own power and aimed to "be like them," like the gods. Therefore, the loving visitors had to step aside because they wanted us to know and embrace our power... and the not-so-loving visitors took advantage of this and tried to slave us.

Now it is time for us to awaken. This is why the moon/Gaia/goddess energies are rising everywhere; because we are remembering our ways and honoring our feminine ancestral lineage, the one that granted us this planet and connects us with the Earth (again, nothing to do with gender). YES, the "primitive" hunters and gatherers/moon venerating ones hold the key. And the Watchers want us to remember this...

It is not about abandoning "our father who art in Heaven;" it is about also honoring our mother, so "thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." So, we embrace our planet and know our power to finally join our galactic family.

That is why the chaos, the feminine, the void, and the phases of light and darkness have been so feared through history... because we "wanted to be like our father" (and also because of the influence of some not-so-loving beings). However, now it is the time to embrace her, and through the dense, dark, chaotic Mother, we will reclaim our role in this planet...

This is part of our purpose, and it is the ULTIMATE ancestral work!

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