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My journey through the chakra system (part i)

Actualizado: 26 jul 2021

I expanded my view of the seven #chakras by  journeying through their energies during the Mind-Body-Spirit Integration Seminar hosted by #SaybrookU, back in 2017. In our very first session, we received an invitation to empty our cups, which actually allowed me to open my heart (and mind) to the transformative potential of this experience... and my first great insight came from the historical analysis of the assumption that body, mind, and spirit are separate entities. 

I believe that understanding the past and integrating its lessons serve as a catalyst for us to fully embrace the present and co-create the future. We were told about the

historical need to “hand over" the domain of the subtle planes (#soul and #spirit) to the Church in exchange for the freedom to explore the physical body as a non-sacred entity, which further laid the foundations of modern medicine. This realization had an immediate effect on me that shifted my perception from judgment to gratitude; such division was somehow a necessary part of the process. At the same time, this understanding served as an invitation to analyze the historical context in which we are now... the pendulum is now reaching its maximum amplitude, Descartes, and it is about to swing back. We must to reunite body, mind, and spirit if we want to keep moving forward in terms of evolution and collective well-being.

During the seminar, the flow of information, speakers, and activities moved through the foundation of the seven chakras. I am following this same flow here –with a twist– to share my experience with you:

The Feet Chakras

Our first meeting served to generate a sense of connection and purpose by establishing a personal intention for the upcoming days. As a personal anecdote regarding to setting my intention, I must admit that, by then, I had questioned my decision to enroll in a Ph.D. program several times already. Was I ready to undertake this journey from a place of authenticity and surrender? Could I embrace the academic world with all its rigorous demands, and still honor my beliefs and magical approach to life? I believe that what we disregard as magic and esoteric woo-woo has its place in the academic world! 

We need to harness the best of both worlds while allowing curiosity and common welfare to lead the process. However, was I really called to walk this path? Two years into the journey, I still have questions, but my sense of purpose and intention are stronger than ever before... and I AM standing on my feet!

First (Root) Chakra: Muladhara

During the second day of the seminar, all presentations and activities were about connecting with our physical body. It caught my attention that equal amount of time and energy was invested in explaining the Relaxation Response, as it was invested in explaining the Stress Response. This made me reflect on the importance of redirecting our energy towards the solution, once the problem is properly understood. 

Then, a Body Scan experience made me wonder how present I am in my own body. At one point during the Body Scan, I began to identify mental images and got lost in them, becoming completely disconnected from my body. Once again, I realized the need to cultivate daily practices that lead me to be more present in my own body... to nourish the Earth element within myself! I can engage in meditative, ritualistic, and spiritual practices with ease, but it is a whole different story when it comes to maintaining an exercise routine or an adequate nutrition regimen. Nevertheless, this is still an area of my life I am working on, and I have decided to embrace this task from a place of self-love and compassion.

Second (Sacral) Chakra: Svadhisthana

I had always associated the second chakra with creativity and the third chakra with emotions, so I felt somehow confused when this energy center was addressed from the realm of emotions and feelings. In an attempt to make a valid connection, I quickly entertained the idea of creativity as a way for emotions and feelings to be expressed. 

I believe that we are constantly creating whether we are aware of it or not; just as we are always processing an emotional state or feeling. While reflecting on this, I thought about the Seven Emotions, one of the cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can be addressed in relation to creativity. Emotions and creativity maintain a constant dynamic interaction, to the point that emotions can be considered the product of creative changes in the individual. 

Li (the principles of universal creativity) and Qi (the energy that keeps the universe in motion) are forces that interact with the Seven Emotions and the Human Virtues, establishing the basis of emotional #creativity. This interesting perspective expanded my perception of the seven chakras. To me, they are not only defined energy vortices with specific qualities anymore. I now see how their energies are diluted in one another, losing their defined nature to join and form a single transmission channel. After this experience, I see the seven chakras as a two-ways highway with seven stops. At each stop, the energy is "recharged" with a special fuel that is unique to that stop. Only by mixing all seven fuels, the energy can reach its destination. In this sense, the path from the second to the third #chakra is a figurative representation of the relationship between an "e-motion," or energy-in-motion.

Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra: Manipura

From a place of keeping my "cup empty," I fully embraced the opportunity to "meet" the third chakra from a different perspective. From an scholarly approach, the discussion of this chakra was framed it in terms of food and energy consumption. For me, talking about nutrition, exercise, and connection with nature gave a sense of grounding and practicality to this energy center.

I realized how this chakra is not only about nourishing ourselves adequately, but also about WHY we want to be nourished and HOW we invest our #energy. I believe this realization has also a high #spiritual component to it. For instance, the emotional anchoring that many of us create through food (especially my fellow Cancer peers and Taurus friends) is a clear example of the physical and emotional implications of this chakra... and, this is all closely connected to our ability to hold or loose POWER, which is what the third chakra is all about... #empowerment!

(Stay tuned for the next part, and thank you for reading!)

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