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Expanding the light

Actualizado: 18 feb 2020

My recent trip to Mayan lands not only re-calibrated and recharged my system, but also taught me that I cannot publish anything on this blog (or work on my website) from an iPad. That is why I am writing about the Sagittarius full moon two days "late." Nevertheless, there is no late or early when we are talking about planetary cycles! This moon is connected to the 2012-2020 evolutionary cycle of consciousness, and it is worth revising at any point... so, here are my thoughts:

On June 17th, the axis of personal knowledge and transpersonal wisdom was illuminated by the powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius! This moon opened an inner gateway to reflect on the nature of all the exoteric and esoteric forces that inform the reality we experience, on a personal and a collective level. It is also an invitation to be Initiated by the planetary consciousness of Jupiter, the great mentor of all Gods and Goddesses (therefore, of all of us), as a rite of passage that welcomes us into the Aquarian Age, soon to be activated by the Great Conjunction of 2020; and all initiations are POWERFUL! But we will talk about that in a different post...

Whatever we have learned from “external” stimuli and forces is being revised by the curious Sun in Gemini, while at the same time, the Moon joined forces with Jupiter to receive all that light-information from the Sun and help expand our consciousness from within. This is what ancient sages called Gnosis; it is a wisdom that emerges from inner experience and is infused by a sense of certainty that can only be achieved through BEING... it is esoteric in nature, thus it cannot be taught or learned through external methods. It has to be felt, and it is usually awakened through initiation; this is why rites of passage are so common among shamanic and mystical societies. Also, we are being constantly initiated by planetary configurations throughout our lives...

You can read, listen, or watch all the YouTube videos you want, but at some point you have to integrate all that information into the light of your True Self and own your Truth... a Truth that will guide your existence and anchor your spiritual power; a Truth that will liberate you and expand your consciousness into your God/Goddess Self. My beloved ones, we have all reached that point! Whatever you may need to fully embrace that Truth (and liberation) is available to you through this Full Moon. Expansion, liberation, and truth are all Sagittarian attributes!

Meanwhile, Neptune is containing the energy of all your dreams and creative inspiration, so you can clearly see their essence in the light of the Moon-Jupiter communion; then, all that power will be liberated. Remember, this is what quadratures are all about: building momentum and harnessing power... and yes, they may feel intense! Bring any doubts you may have to the realm of your dreams, and you will receive answers.

Know this...we are ready! You are more than ready! It’s time! This moon is happening next to the Galactic Center (a.k.a. Hunab Ku), resetting all that 2012 power... These are exciting times in the Universe! Proudly embrace the lineage and wisdom of your Cosmic Alma Mater and partner with this moon to expand your knowledge and fuel your wisdom, so we can officially co-create heaven on Earth.

Remember, as above, so below; as within, so without... In Lak’ech

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